PRO - Counties/Regions

Cachly 8.0 with a Pro subscription has a visual representation of counties/regions where you have found/not found caches. Counties/regions are currently available for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


In order to show your finds in specific counties/regions, you will need to import caches into the Counties/Regions section of the app. This can be done by tapping the "Import Data" button, or by tapping the ... button on the top right and choosing "Import Data.” There are several methods used to import your found caches. Many of these methods start with a My Finds pocket query from A My Finds GPX file can be generated on under Premium Tools > Build pocket queries > My Finds. This GPX can then be added to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Files/iCloud to be uploaded into Cachly.

Please note, Adventure Lab finds are NOT INCLUDED in GPX files. After this is completed one time, any future finds logged through Cachly in new counties/regions will automatically register as new counties found for the country chosen.

Importing Options

When the import dialog appears, you will be presented with the following options:

Only My Finds

This option will match the current Cachly user with the user that found each cache in the GPX file import. If you want to import caches you have not found from a GPX file (i.e. the GPX file includes caches found and not found), turn this option off.

Clear on Import

Choose this option if you want to remove all previously imported caches.

Dataset Type

This requires you to choose which dataset you want to use for importing. Example: If your found caches are located in Germany, make sure to choose that country. This allows Cachly to only check the county/regions for that country.


States/regions can be favorited. When viewing tap the heart icon on the top right and that state/region will now be at the top of the list.

Viewing Finds

Navigate to the state/region that you want to view ( More->Settings->Counties/Regions ) , select the State/Region and then choose "View All" or a specific county/region below. This will show you a map, red for not found, green for found.

Tapping one of the counties/regions will give you an option to view the caches.

Loading Live Caches

You can also load live caches while viewing these counties/regions. Once you log a cache through Cachly in a county/region that has not previously been found, that county/region will turn green.

Adding New Logs to Counties

When you create a "found it" log in Cachly it will automatically be added as a county find. If you do not prefer this option it can be turned off in Settings > Cachly Pro.

Generate Counties for Offline Lists

If you have an offline list that does not have county data for each cache, Cachly can generate these. Go to the Lists tab then tap the ... next to the list. Next, choose Tools > Generate Counties. Finally, choose the dataset that you want to use to generate counties/regions.

County/Region Data Source

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