PRO - Auto Load Map

This feature dynamically loads caches onto the map as you navigate and move the map. Particularly useful during drives or when planning routes, Auto Load ensures that caches are effortlessly loaded along your path without having to manually tap the reload button.

Activating Auto Load Map:

  1. Via Long Press on Map Refresh Icon:
    • On the right side of the map view, locate the map refresh icon.
    • Long press on the map refresh icon until it changes to indicate Auto Load Map mode.
  2. Through Settings (Cachly Pro Section):
    • Access the app settings by tapping on More tab then choose settings.
    • Within the "Cachly Pro" section, locate the option labeled "Use Auto Load Caches."
    • Toggle the switch to enable this feature.

Utilizing Auto Load Map:

  1. Zoom Level Requirement:
    • To initiate the automatic loading of caches, ensure that you are zoomed close on the map.
    • If the map is not sufficiently zoomed in, the Auto Load button will appear darkened, indicating that caches will not be loaded.
  2. Dynamic Cache Loading:
    • Once activated and within the appropriate zoom level, caches will be automatically loaded onto the map as you move or navigate.
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