Online Drafts

This feature enables you to conveniently view, edit, and submit your drafts directly within Cachly.

Accessing Online Drafts:

  1. Go to the More tab.
  2. Navigate to the "Online Drafts" option.

Editing and Enhancing Drafts:

  1. Once you've accessed your drafts, you can review the content exactly as it appears on or submitted through Cachly.
  2. Make any necessary edits or additions to your draft, such as refining your log entry or adding photos.
  3. Draft messages can contain keywords or even use your text template.
  4. To add a photo, view the Message option and tap the green + button on the bottom left above the keyboard. This will allow you to choose from your photo library or take a photo.

Submitting Drafts as Full Logs:

  1. After you've made the modifications to your draft, you can tap the ... button and choose to Post Log.
  2. You can also view the draft then choose to Send the log.

Synchronization Across Devices:

  1. Any drafts created on or in Cachly will be synced across all devices and shown on the website.
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