OSM Search Points of Interest

If you are using Premium Offline Maps in the Live tab, you can query the Open Street Maps database for Points of Interest.

Creating the Query

In order to query the Open Street Maps API, you will start with q: then follow with a key and value using the Overpass Wizard tag search format.

Note: Searching will return OSM Points of Interest within the current map screen bounds. Zooming the map closer or farther to the desired area will limit the search to just that area.


Parking Locations: 

Bicycle Air Pumps or Repair Stations
q:amenity=compressed_air or amenity=bicycle_repair_station

Waterfalls that have height tag: 
q:waterway=waterfall and height=*

Note: If the value of a tag contains whitespace or another special character it must be enclosed in quotes.

Boolean Operators

Matches objects which fulfill either the condition X or the condition Y:
q:highway=bus_stop or railway=platform

Matches objects which fulfill either the condition X and the condition Y:
q:highway=bus_stop and shelter=yes

Additional Information

You can view additional information about each POI by tapping the icon that was placed on the map. If data is available the POI name and coordinates will be shown. Tapping the ... button will give the option to view Tags, Create an Offline Geocache or Navigate to that Location.

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