Other 8.0 Features

Updated User Interface

8.0 brings a modern feel to Cachly’s user interfaces with more rounded corners and fewer hard lines.


  • Map Layer Settings: Option to turn on/off trail colors and symbols
  • Navigate to Cache: Option to share cache location
  • Improved Local Location/Place Searching
  • Navigate to Cache: Mapy.cz support
  • Live Filtering: State, Provinces and Country offer a new picker that includes a search field
  • Live Filtering: Option to choose Provinces
  • Proximity Alert: Additional sound options
  • Proximity Alert: Sounds option added to main Settings
  • Filtering Funnel Icon: Long press toggle enables filtering to turn on and off
  • Live Search Filtering: Option to set search radius
  • Adventure Labs: Owned and Found now show owned icon and smiley
  • Found Smiley: Shows gray color if cache is archived
  • Ignore Corrected Coordinates: Visual indicator to let users know they have turned this on
  • Live Search: Tapping reload button again gives option to cancel search


  • Logs Tab: My logs show favorite heart for logs that user favorited
  • Logs Tab: Cache type icon used instead of geocaching.com avatar image
  • Logs: Own logs show “Great story” and “Helpful” buttons but do not allow upvoting
  • Update log type names for Needs Maintenance and Needs Archived
  • Date keywords — Military time format added
  • Keywords: Trackable logs have keywords available

Offline Lists

  • Offline List Filtering: County
  • Offline List Filtering: County pre-populated list from offline list
  • Offline List: Tools option to generate counties for list (Pro)
  • Offline List: Long press delete option on a cache offers “Delete from all” and “Remove from all” options if in multiple lists


  • Import GPX: Dropbox and Google Drive use Files app
  • Import GPX: Append personal note option
  • Import GPX: Support for groundspeak:personal_note

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch App: Archived or Disabled caches show strike-through in cache name
  • Apple Watch App: Cachly complication added for Infographic styles

Other Features

  • App Store Requirement: Option to Delete Account
  • Copy Coordinates: Choose from 3 different formats for copying
  • Wherigo: Option to download cartridge if Wherigo app is installed
  • Settings: Option to choose from up to 6 recently used maps with Map Tile long press (under Map Options & Navigation)
  • More Tab: User profile is larger and shows find count
  • Personal Note: Taking photo then attaching to note saves the photo to Camera Roll
  • User Profile: Favorite Points awarded and available are shown
  • PQ Settings: Option to only download smaller GPX .zip instead of full data (update full data later in offline list)
  • Custom Geocache: Description allows multiple lines of text
  • New iOS date picker
  • More Tab: Option to purchase Cachly shirts & other swag
  • More Tab: What’s New can be viewed
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