Cachly Pro FAQ

What features are included in Cachly Pro?

Cachly Pro includes the following pro features:

  • Pro Offline Maps (previously called Premium Offline Maps)
  • Counties/Regions
  • Delorme Grid
  • Auto Load Live Map
  • CarPlay (Coming in 8.1)
  • Multiple User Logging (Coming in 8.1)
  • Track Recording & Importing (Coming in 8.1)
  • More features in the future

No Subscription

Offline Maps Only

Pro Monthly

Pro Yearly

Offline Maps







Delorme Grid



Auto Load Map



CarPlay (8.1)



Multi-User Logging (8.1)



Track Recording (8.1)



Other Cachly Features





How much is Cachly Pro?

Pricing varies depending on your currency, example subscription pricing is as follows:


  • Monthly: $1.99/month
  • Yearly: $14.99/year
  • Offline Maps Only: $4.99/year


  • Monthly: £1.59/month
  • Yearly: £11.99/year
  • Offline Maps Only: £3.99/year


  • Monthly: €1.99/month
  • Yearly: €12.99/year
  • Offline Maps Only: €4.99/year

Prices vary based on country and currency. Please check the Pro subscription dialog in Cachly for current pricing. All subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial.

Why is Cachly now charging for additional features?

While bug fixes and small enhancements will be available to all users, subscription supported Cachly Pro allows for development of additional features. In addition, the money from subscriptions will be used to cover increasing and ongoing operational and maintenance costs for servers and map hosting.

I already paid for Premium Offline Maps, are these being taken away and do I need to buy them again?

Nothing is being taken away. Make sure you have updated to Cachly 8.0.3 and you will be able to use and download Pro Offline Maps without a subscription.

Does the Offline Maps Only option include Counties and Regions on the map?

Offline Maps will include county/region lines and names, but will not show shading for counties/regions found or not found.

I paid for Cachly Pro but I have a new device, how do I restore my subscription?

Go to More > Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Tap the Restore Purchases option and your previously purchased subscriptions will be available on your new device. You must be signed into the App Store with the Apple ID originally used to make the purchase.

What is the difference between monthly and yearly subscriptions?

For users that don't want to commit to a yearly subscription, they can choose to pay monthly. If you would like to have a yearly subscription there is a cost savings of 37% over the monthly option (annualized).

Does the Cachly Pro subscription support Family Sharing?

Yes, Cachly Pro supports family sharing.

Is Cachly Pro the same thing as upgrading to a Premium membership?

No. Cachly Pro provides features that are only within Cachly. A Premium membership allows users to have enhanced features on and all partner apps which includes Cachly. Please see for more details.

I want to change or cancel my subscription

In Cachly go to More > Settings then scroll down to the "Manage Subscriptions" option. This will show you your current subscriptions and you can choose to change to another subscription or cancel.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Upgrade. Someone purchases a subscription that offers a higher level of service than their current subscription. They’re immediately upgraded and receive a refund of the prorated amount of their original subscription. If you’d like people to immediately access more content or features, rank the subscription higher to make it an upgrade.

Downgrade. Someone selects a subscription that offers a lower level of service than their current subscription. The subscription continues until the next renewal date, then is renewed at the lower level and price.

Crossgrade. Someone switches to a new subscription of the equivalent level. If the subscriptions are the same duration, the new subscription begins immediately. If the durations are different, the new subscription goes into effect at the next renewal date.

Note: This comes from Apple's documentation on subscriptions.

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