Personal Notes

Use personal notes to save information about a specific cache. Any text added in Cachly will be synced with

Coordinates in Personal Notes

Cachly automatically recognizes coordinates when they are entered into personal notes. Tap on the coordinates to reveal additional options:

  • Create Waypoint
  • Set as Corrected Coordinates
  • Check Solution (only available for caches using the built-in checker)
  • Copy Coordinates
  • Navigate to Location

Saving Images to Personal Notes

When iCloud is enabled (in iOS settings), you can save images to your personal notes. Tap the green + button on the bottom left of the text area, then choose to take a photo or select one from your iOS Photos library. You can add multiple photos to a single note.

Added photos are saved to iCloud and are also accessible through the Files app in a folder named with the GC code of the associated cache. You can then view it later when viewing your personal notes.

Note: This feature is only available within Cachly; photos do not sync to personal notes on

This feature requires that iCloud and iCloud Drive are enabled for Cachly.

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