Showing Ordnance Survey Maps

In order to use the online Ordnance Survey Maps in Cachly you will need to obtain a Bing Maps API key. However, if you are already running Geocaching Maps Enhancements you will already have one and you can use this same key.

If you are running GME:

  • Open a normal map on your browser and ensure you have selected Leaflet from Set Map Preferences
  • Click on the right hand of the 5 little squares, bottom left of the map. There is no icon but hovering will display “Configure GME”
  • Select Manage Maps
  • Click Export Custom Maps
  • Towards the bottom of the code you will find "OS&key=“
  • Copy the following text up to the double quotes (“) and that is your API key.

If you are not running GME you will need to create a new Bing Maps API key.

  • You will need to have a Bing Map API Account and you can sign up for one at
  • Once created log in to the account and select My Account and My Keys
  • If you already have a key it will show here - you do not need a new key for Cachly
  • If you need a key click to create a new one
  • Enter Application Name as Cachly; Key Type as Basic; Application Type as Public Website and click Create
  • You may be able to use Copy Key to copy the key, but not all browsers allow this, if not click Show Key and copy the text manually
  • Send the key to your phone

Implementing the API Key in Cachly

  • Open a Live Map and press the Map icon to display the list of Map Types
  • Scroll to the bottom and press Add Custom Tile URL
  • Press UK OS Maps in the list of Presets
  • Paste the API Key and press Save
  • This will select OS Maps as your online map type
  • Press Done to return to the map
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