Export GPX

Cachly allows you to create GPX files of caches and share those in a number of ways. Export GPX is available on the following screens:

  • Live Tab
  • Offline Lists
  • Cache Details

You will be prompted to specify which caches you want to save. The choices are: All Caches,Visible Caches, and Highlighted Caches.

Export Options

Then there are several toggles to control options on what gets saved into the GPX file:

  • Include Logs: If you want stored logs for the cache included.
  • Include Waypoints: If you want all the cache waypoint to be included.
  • Include GSAK Extensions: If you want various GSAK extensions to be used. For example, you need this if you want to include Favorite points.
  • Include Private Data: Some data like corrected coordinates for a solved puzzle and your Cache Notes are things you might not want to share with others. However, there are cases, like when you are team caching, that having the corrected coordinates available to all can be handy.


If there are other iOS users nearby and you both have AirDrop enabled, their device will appear in the AirDrop list at the top. Tap their icon and they will get a message asking which app to give the exported data to. Then they will enter the Cachly process of selecting which Offline List to put your shared list into. This can be done with no phone data connection.

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