Backup Cachly Database

You can backup your entire database file (sqlite) for backup or transfer to another device. This will include all of your offline lists and pending logs but will not include your settings.

Using iTunes/Music

Plug your device into your computer and open iTunes or the macOS Music app. Select the device button that is near the top of the screen and shows the picture of an iPhone/iPad. Once you are viewing your device choose "File Sharing" on the left side and you should see a list of apps. Choose Cachly. You should now see a number of documents that Cachly saves on your devices, one of which is Cachly.sqlite. Select this file and then click the save button to save to your computer.

Using Files App

Tap the Browse tab on the bottom, and then choose On My iPhone. Choose Cachly and then look for the Cachly.sqlite file. Long press on this file, and then choose Share. This will allow you to save the file in another location, or use Airdrop to send to a computer.

Restore Database File

Once you have the Cachly.sqlite file saved on your computer follow the steps above to get to the File Sharing screen. Select Cachly again and then click the "Add" button, next choose the Cachly.sqlite file that you have saved. If iTunes asks you to overwrite the current file make sure to do this (if you do want to overwrite what is currently in Cachly).

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