Logs Tab

The Logs tab view shows a reverse chronological list of all the log entries you have made. The filtering funnel icon at the upper right lets you filter the log types you want shown (see below).

If a coordinate exists in a log entry, it will be shown in green with an underline. Tapping the green link will show a menu of actions: Copy Coordinates, Navigate to Location.

Log Interaction

You can open your User Profile by tapping your logo on the top left of the log. You can also open the Cache Details screen by tapping the cache name.

Tapping the ••• button on the right side of the log will give you the following options:


Opens an iOS share dialog so you can send a link to the log entry various places like email.


Selecting this option will copy the log text and paste it into the the relevant translate app.

Copy cache code

Tapping this item will copy the cache code to your clipboard to allow you to paste into another app.

Add images

This will open the log and allow you to add an image to your log from your library or from your camera in the same way that you do when logging a cache.


Tapping edit will open the log in edit mode. You can edit the log type, your message and the date and time of your find. When you click Save your edited log is uploaded to the geocaching.com website.


If you no longer want this log you can tap Delete. This will remove the log from the geocaching.com website. You will be asked to confirm this action.


By tapping the filter icon you can restrict the types shown. Multiple log types can be chosen.

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