Open a geocache link in Safari instead of the Geocaching app

If you have the official Geocaching app installed on your device, clicking a geocache link or choosing the View on option in Cachly may start the official app instead of launching Safari so you can view the cache in the web. To change this behavior, find a geocache link (here's one to the oldest active geocache in the world: GCD) and long press on it. After a moment, you will get a menu that includes Open in Safari (or Open in New Tab if you are already in Safari). Choose this option and iOS will remember your preference to open geocache links using Safari instead of the official app. If you ever want to change this behavior in the future, repeat the process and choose Open in "Geocaching". If these steps do not work for you, try tapping that cache link in Safari. After the page loads, perform the long press steps on the GC code in the upper right of the cache page.

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