Live Tab - Map View

The Live Tab Map View shows a map with all the loaded cache pins. You can switch between  Map View and List View using the switch in the title bar.

Current Location

Your current location is shown with a special icon that periodically pulses. If you tap the marker, you will see a popup with the current coordinates, GPS accuracy, elevation and the ••• action button. Tapping the action button will let you save the current location in the Saved Locations list, Create Offline Geocache at this location, or copy the coordinates.

Heading Indicator

The current location indicator also includes a red heading indicator. This represents the direction that the top of your device is pointing. For example, if you are using portrait mode, the heading indicator will be pointing in the same direction that the top of your device is pointing. If you are using landscape mode, it will be the top side of the device.


Right below the title bar is a search field where you can enter a Location, one or more GC Codes separated by commas, a URL or coordinates. You can also use an OSM POI Search Query. Searching by location or coordinates will drop a pin on the map, marking that location.

Filter Options

Tapping the filter icon in the top navigation bar will bring up a screen that shows all of the live search options. See Live Filter Options for a full list of options. When the filter icon is solid white it means search options are in effect and are being used to limit the search results shown. If it is just a white outline, there are no search options set.

Filtering if off by default:

If filtering is on, there will also be a reminder "Filtering On" showing at the top center of the Map.

Refresh Button

Tapping the refresh button (circling arrows) in the bottom right of the map area will load new caches. By default, moving the map or changing filter options will clear the previous search and start a new search based on the center of the map. 

You can change the Clear Map on Refresh option under Settings so that the caches are not cleared. In this case you will have to manually clear the caches by tapping the X on the lower right. 

When the refresh button has three dots inside, it means that there are additional caches that can be loaded for the current search. Tapping it again will load more caches. You can continue tapping to load caches until all search results are shown.

Current Location - Toggle Follow Modes

The button on the bottom right of every map screen is the current location button. Tapping this will zoom the map to your current location, and activate the follow mode to have the map follow your location.

No Follow Mode

Follow Activated

This setting will allow the map to follow your current location. Moving the map manually with your fingers will cancel follow mode.

Follow With Heading Activated

This setting will allow the map to follow your location, and will also rotate the map based on your devices heading.

Lock Follow Mode

If you long press on the current location button you are able to lock the follow mode that is currently activated. This will lock the map from allowing touches (map will continue to move with your current location) and you will not be able to move the map until you long press again or tap to end following modes.

Cache Pin Callout

If you tap a cache pin, you will see a callout pop up with more details on the cache. It summarizes the Cache Name, Icon, Distance, Number of trackables and Favorite points. The last line shows the Difficulty, Terrain and Container size followed by the GC Code. If you tap the callout, you will go to the Cache Details screen.

Dropping a Pin

If you need to mark a particular location on the map for later reference you can long press on the map and a pin will be placed at that location. You can press and drag to move the pin if it is not precisely where you want it. Tap on the actions button to the right of the coordinates to show several actions:

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