Log Cache

Cache logging is initiated from the Cache Details page. Logging provides the following ways to log or save:

  • Logged on the Geocaching website
  • Saved for later logging
  • Saved as a Draft to the Geocaching website.

Send Log Now

If this switch is enabled, then the title bar button will show "Send Now" and the log will be posted on the Geocaching website when you send it. If the switch is disabled, then the title bar button will reflect "Save" and the log will be saved for later editing and sending in the Pending Logs area of the More tab. The default position of this switch is set in Settings.


The date field defaults to the current date and time. The field is editable.

Log Type

The log type can be set to Found It, Didn't Find It, Write Note, Needs Archived or Needs Maintenance for most caches. The default type can be set in Settings.

If you are the cache owner you will have the additional options of Owner Maintenance, Disable/Enable, Archive and Update Coordinates.

Additional log options are also available for events, webcams, and Virtual caches.


Selecting this item will allow you to add/edit your message for your log and add images. Markdown formatting is supported in the text you enter and the result of such formatting is visible via the Preview tab. Markdown cheat sheet.

If you have selected a default Text Template in Settings then it will be displayed. Text can be added or edited.

By using the ••• Action button in the top right corner of the message screen you will be able to insert a Keyword or a Text Template or Edit a Text Template.

Log Images

To add an image you need to tap the icon in the bottom left of the message screen. You can either add images from your library on your phone or take a photo. After selecting the image, you can add a description and then save it to the log.

Favorite Cache

If you enable this switch a Favorite Point will be added to the cache if you are a Premium member of Geocaching and if you have Favorite Points available.

Save as Draft

When enabled, sending the log will be saved to the Geocaching website as a Draft. You will need to go to your Drafts on the Geocaching Dashboard and submit the logs once you have edited them (if necessary).

Add Coordinate To Log

This option is available if you are the cache owner and are creating an Update Coordinates log.

Trackable Drop/Visit

Selecting this option will allow you to log trackables in your inventory. Each Trackable in your inventory can be selected and a log created to drop the trackable or log it as visited. A message and images can be added in the same way as in log messages above.

On the trackable screen is ••• actions button in the top right corner. If this is selected, you will be able to Drop all the Trackables or log them all as Visited by selecting one of the options. In the case of selecting all for logging, the message field in the trackable log will be blank.

If you have selected trackables for dropping or visiting you can deselect by swiping the trackable to the left and clicking Remove. Trackables selected to log are listed separate to those that are still available to log.

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