Text Templates

Text Templates can be used to automatically insert pre-written log text. These templates can be associated with a log type, such as Found It. When create a text template for a log type this text template will be automatically inserted next time you create a log of that type.

Note: Text Templates can be created without a log type and can be inserted into a log manually by tapping the ... button on the Log Message screen then tapping Insert Text Template.

Text Template Defaults

A text template default can be set that will always be used if a not type has not been set. This can be done by tapping a created text template on the Text Templates screen. This will place a green checkmark next to the default.

Editing Text Templates

If you have a text template that has already been created but needs editing, swipe to the left of the text template item to show the options, Edit and Delete. Choose Edit to bring up the editing dialog for that text template.

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