User Profile

The user profile screen will display various information about a user. The user's avatar and banner image will be shown at the top of the screen.

Below the caching name and image are icons that you can use to contact the user via Message Center, text, phone, or email. The email option is available for all profiles and will use the email contact page by default. 

More direct contact options will be available if you allow Cachly access to your iOS Contacts. When a Geocaching username appears anywhere in any of the Company, Nickname, or Notes fields of a contact entry, Cachly will associate the contact information from that entry to the username in Cachly. The search is not case sensitive. If the contact entry has an email address, the email button will change behavior to send a local email rather than going through the Geocaching website. When one username appears in more than one of your contacts, Cachly will offer both contacts so you can choose which person to contact. If you previously denied Cachly access to your contacts, you can change that in the iOS Settings app under Privacy > Contacts.

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