Navigate to Cache

The navigate to cache screen will show you a direct line from your current location to the target, which by default is the cache location. If there are additional waypoints (e.g. parking, trail head, etc.) for the cache, then these will be displayed on the map view. You will also see other caches that are within a 5 mile radius. Waypoints can also be selected as the target by tapping them, then choosing Set as Target from the ••• button.

Note: Many buttons on the map are similar to other map screens. See Map View for more information.

Compass View

The Compass View will show distance to distance to target, bearing, and accuracy as well as a red arrow that points in the direction of the cache. You will also see current and destination coordinates at the bottom of the screen.


Caches can have associated waypoints marking useful locations like Parking, Trailhead, etc. Each is shown as a map pin with a distinctive symbol enclosed. The waypoints are numbered so if you have, say multiple parking waypoints, you see P01, P02, etc. A generic waypoint is just a red map pin with no symbol.

If you have the Show All Waypoints feature turned on you will see all waypoints of all caches on the map.

Routing Providers

Cachly can send the target cache information to other apps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze and many more for easy turn-by-turn navigation. This list can be accessed by tapping the  ••• button on the top right. See full list of Routing Providers.

Target Zoom

This button is used to zoom and focus on both the target and current location, or, tap again to zoom on the target only.

Google Street View

Tap this to use Google Street View to look at the area of the cache. If you get a black screen with the message "Cannot reach server" this means there is no Street View data for that cache area. Street View can be very handy to look around for parking spots near the cache. Use the < arrow to exit Street View and return to general Google Maps. The "Cachly" link in the upper left corner will take you back to Cachly. 

Note: Street view only works if you have the Google Maps app installed.

Proximity Alert

A Proximity Alert can be activated to alert you when you are close to the target cache, even when your screen is locked or you aren't actively using Cachly. See Proximity Alert for more information.

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