Settings: Caches & Waypoints

The following options are included for this settings section:

Live Search

  • Full Cache Data - By default, Cachly uses lite cache downloads which include basic basic information about a cache such as the title, terrain, difficulty, size, and coordinates. Full cache details are only loaded after tapping into an individual cache. Toggle this option on to load full cache data for all caches as part of the initial search. Results are slower to load when this option is enabled.
  • Number of caches to load per search


  • Use Clustering
  • Cluster Threshold - Number of caches it takes to invoke clustering behavior.
  • Max Zoom Level - Max zoom that clustering is used. After this all caches are shown on the map.
  • Restore Defaults

Ignore Corrected Coordinates - Show caches at their original coordinates.


  • Show All Waypoints
  • Offline Lists Only
  • Waypoint Types

Lonely Caches

  • Enable Lonely Indicator - caches that have not been found in a long time
  • Number of Days - adjust to how long you want to consider a cache to be lonely

Did Not Find (DNF)

  • Show Cache Type on Map - Show DNF icon on map pin.

Found But Not Logged

  • Clear All Checkmarks


  • FTF Indicator
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