Settings: Caches & Waypoints

The following options are included for this settings section:

Live Search

  • Full Cache Data - Load all data for each cache, which will make loading slower.
  • Number of caches to load


  • Use Clustering
  • Cluster Threshold - Number of caches it takes to invoke clustering behavior.
  • Max Zoom Level - Max zoom that clustering is used. After this all caches are show on the map.
  • Restore Defaults

Ignore Corrected Coordinates


  • Show All Waypoints
  • Offline Lists Only
  • Waypoint Types

Lonely Caches

  • Enable Lonely Indicator
  • Number of Days

Did Not Find (DNF)

  • Show Cache Type on Map - Show DNF icon on map pin.

Found But Not Logged

  • Clear All Checkmarks


  • FTF Indicator
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