Proximity Alert

A Proximity Alert can be activated to alert you when you are close to the target cache, even when your screen is locked or you aren't actively using Cachly (e.g. Cachly is in the background). 

Where to Use

Proximity Alert currently is a feature in the following locations in Cachly:

  • Offline List Map View
  • Navigate to Cache Map View

Note: If you leave the map view and return to a screen such as Cache Details, Proximity Alert will be turned off until you return to a map screen where it will be activated again.


  • Proximity: Distance of the proximity
  • Proximity Centering: Current User Location or Current Target (Setting is used to center the proximity radius)
  • Proximity Options: Include My Finds, Include My Hides, Notify for All Caches

Offline Lists

If you have activated Proximity Alert for an Offline List Cachly will alert you for each cache location, or the location that you have set corrected coordinates.

Navigate to Cache

Proximity Alert will notify you when you are within the proximity of the target cache or target waypoint as well as all other caches if you have this option turned on.

Apple Watch

If you have a paired Apple Watch and you have Proximity Alert activated and your iPhone locked, you will receive notifications to your watch which can be very helpful in many situations.

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