Live Tab - List View

Live List View is a list of all caches that are the result of a Live search.

Tapping an entry in List View will take you to the Cache Details. From the title bar you can easily switch to Map View of the caches in the list.

The ••• Action button at the left of the title bar offers options to Add to List allowing you to save your search results to an offline or online list. If you do this, you get a further prompt allowing you to save "All Caches", "Visible Caches", or "Highlighted Caches". The other option available via the ••• Action button are Highlight and Export GPX.


Right below the title bar is a search field where you can enter a Location, one or more GC Codes separated by commas, a URL or coordinates. You can also use an OSM POI Search Query. Searching by location or coordinates will drop a pin on the map, marking that location.

Sorting Options

  • Cache Type
  • Container Size
  • Date Found
  • Date Last Found
  • Date Placed
  • Difficulty
  • Distance
  • FTF
  • Favorite Count
  • Favorite Percentage
  • Found
  • GC Code
  • Highlight Color
  • Highlighted
  • Name
  • Premium
  • Terrain
  • Trackable Count

Cache Status Dots

If you have full cache downloads on, the List View will show dots reflecting the status of the last 5 actions on the cache. A green dot is a Found, gray is Write Note, Red is a DNF, Orange is a needs maintenance. This lets you see at a glance if you are interested in visiting the cache. The same dots are in the Map View Callout.

Force Touch/Long Press

If your device supports force touch you can hard press on a cache in the List View for additional options pertaining to that cache. If your device does not support this, then you can long press on the cache. Doing so will show the following options for the cache:


You can Highlight your caches.

Add to List

Add to List lets you add this cache to an offline or online list. You will get a screen showing lists you can add it to. If you need to define a new one, tap the + in the upper right and enter a name for it. Then when you are returned to this screen with the new list, tap it to finish adding the cache to it.

Note that when adding to a list you can choose whether it is an offline list or an online bookmark list on


Add the cache to your watch list. You will be notified of activity on it later.


Add the cache to your Ignore List. It will no longer be returned in search results.

Copy Cache Code

Copies the GC Code of the tapped cache to the clipboard.

Copy Coordinates

Copies the coordinates of the tapped cache to the clipboard.

Show on Map

Opens a Map View screen showing the location of the tapped cache.

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