Cache Details

General Details

The cache details screen display various information about a cache including:

  • Cache code
    • Long press to copy
  • Cache name
  • Cache type icon
  • Placed by username
    • Tap to view user profile
  • Placed by date
  • Difficulty
  • Terrain
  • Size
  • Premium status
  • Coordinates
    • Tap to change coordinate format display; long press to copy and choose from 3 different formats
  • Distance from current location
  • Number of Trackables
    • Tap to view Trackables last seen in the cache
  • Number of finds for the cache
  • Number of Favorite Points/Percentage of finders awarding a Favorite Point
    • Long press to add Favorite Point if already found
    • Tap to view users who awarded a Favorite Point


See documentation for description


  • The cache hint
  • For Decode Hint "always on" go to Settings -> General -> Other -> Decode Hint toggle on/off


  • Translate - Tap the ... button to choose the Translate with Google option
  • Print


See documentation for logs

Personal Note

See documentation for personal note


See documentation for images


See documentation for attributes


See documentation for waypoints


See documentation for trackables

Corrected Coordinates

  • Add new
  • Remove

Additional Information

See documentation for additional information

List Membership

Log Geocache

  • Tap to bring up the Log Geocache screen
  • If the cache has already been found this button will show the found date along with a checkmark
  • If a pending log exists, a disclosure indicator will be shown on the right side of the button
    • Tapping this will show a dialog with the available pending logs for quick editing

Navigate to Cache

See documentation for navigate to cache

Add to List

  • Add to Calendar
    • Only shown for events
  • Add to List
    • Add cache to an offline or online list
  • Add to County Finds - PRO
    • Only shown for found caches
    • Add this find to counties and DeLorme
  • Favorite
    • Only shown for found caches
    • Add a favorite for this cache
  • Watch
    • Add cache to your Watch list
    • If cache is already on the Watch list there will be a "Remove Watch" option
  • Ignore
    • Ignore cache and do not return in search results
    • If cache is already ignored there will be a "Remove Ignore" option


  • Delete
    • Only shown for offline caches
  • Edit
    • Only shown for offline caches
  • Refresh
    • This option will refresh the cache data
  • Share
    • Shows a share sheet
  • Log a trackable
  • View on
  • Highlight
  • Add Waypoint
  • Find Caches Near This
    • Use this option to perform a search for other caches in the same area as the currently viewed cache
  • Export GPX
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